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Hi there new working homeschool mom. I’m Charlotte! I help new working homeschool moms like you, figure out the messy beginning so that you can take your first steps on this new journey with confidence. Book a free consultation and let’s start addressing your unique challenges and doubts. 

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New Working Homeschool Mom...

Let me know if you’ve had any of these questions/doubts about working and homeschooling?

  1. How do I manage it all?
  2. How can I find time to do it all?
  3. How can I juggle working outside the home and homeschooling?
  4. How do I keep my child occupied while working from home?
  5. Is it even possible to give my child a quality education?
  6. How do I schedule my day so that I get everything done?
  7. I’ve always homeschooled but I need to get a job. How will I manage?
  8. How do I find balance?
  9. Is it even the right decision to start homeschooling?
  10. How can I give my kid what they need while I’m working full time?

You're not alone! And I'm here to help you answer these questions and doubts.

How Can I Help You?


The Strike a Balance Podcast for Working Homeschool Moms is a must-listen weekly podcast that helps you to welcome more joy and ease into your life.


Take a selection of short, self-paced courses that will show you how to manage your schedule better so that you can have more time for doing what you love.


I offer group and one-to-one coaching, specializing in support and accountability. I'll give you practical solutions to help you to be a happy working homeschool mom.

What working homeschool moms are saying...

As a working homeschool mom who found it very hard to put my physical health first and often got overwhelmed by the many things I wanted and needed to do, I found this course SO helpful! Organized in a clean, easy-to-understand way that lets me access the information when I can, I love the exercises, information, and support. Charlotte’s teaching style and resources made me feel like I could make changes and helped me to do so! I also love that this course can be taken again and again as my life continues to change and my children continue to grow.

Kelly Sage

Working Homeschool Mom

Great Podcast for Working Homeschool Moms! Charlotte is such a wonderful host – she brings balance, kindness, and graciousness to every episode! She highlights some awesome guests and really brings practical advice to being a working homeschool mom. Listening to an episode of her podcast is like sitting down for tea with a good friend! You’ll end the episode feeling encouraged and empowered.

Melissa Brander

Working Homeschool Mom

Charlotte is a gifted and compassionate homeschooler. Her experience coaching working homeschool parents is invaluable… Our conversations have always left me feeling understood and refreshed. I especially like that Charlotte has experience with Neurodiversity and makes accommodations for my family’s unique homeschooling needs.

Beth McCarter

Working Homeschool Mom

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