be present

How to be Present as a Stressed Working Homeschool Mom

It’s so easy to feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions as a working homeschool mom. You might feel like you want to be present but that it’s totally impossible.

I here you mama. Being present when there’s so much going on can be hard. I’ve been there. But I want to tell you that it’s also possible to be present. Let me show you how.

ASL for homeschoolers

ASL for Homeschoolers: A Review of Mr. D Math ASL 3

The ASL for homeschoolers self-paced curriculum we’ve used for the last few years has been from Mr. D Math. And in this post I want to share what makes Mr. D Math ASL 3 such a fantastic Advanced ASL course for homeschoolers.

online homeschooling with elephango

Online Homeschooling Made Easy with Elephango

As a working homeschool mom of neurodivergent kids, I have two main needs when choosing resources and curricula. Firstly, is it easy for me to use? Secondly, is it engaging for my kids? The online homeschooling that Elephango offers, is a resounding yes to both these questions!

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