So what exactly is...

Group Coaching?

It’s really easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated as a working homeschool mom. And as it’s a path that not everyone is willing to take, you might feel pretty lonely too!

Group coaching is an opportunity to meet other working homeschool moms online so that you can work on what’s holding you back…together! It’s a way to learn in a group, how to welcome more joy and ease into your life. 

If you’re shouting yes, yes and yes, then be sure to join the waitlist! You’ll be the first to hear when the WHM Collective goes live! 

Is Group Coaching for Me?

Group Coaching is for you if...
Group Coaching is NOT for you if...

Why Group Coaching?

Be part of a working homeschool mom community, meet your whm accountability bff, tap into the group’s experience and expertise, and receive guidance and support along your journey. 


Be part of a supportive and kind private Facebook group. Here you can share your wins and struggles, and just hang out with women on the same journey.


Change happens when you have someone to track your progress and hold you accountable. Meet your working homeschool mom bff and take the journey together.

Problem Solving

Find creative, quick and relevant solutions to problems you have by tapping into the experience and expertise of other working homeschool moms.


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Join the WHM Collective

Join the WHM (working homeschool mom) Collective! And get ready to welcome more ease and joy into your working homeschool mom life.

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Looking for Personalized Support?

I see you mama and I’m here to help! With my coaching I aim to help you strike that perfect balance. Or to just offer you some support! I’ll be your working homeschool mom cheerleader. And together we will figure out all out!

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