How to Prioritize When Everything is Important

Are you a working homeschool mom struggling to balance it all? Do you often feel overwhelmed with the countless tasks and responsibilities on your plate? This eBook is here to help you navigate the challenges of juggling work, homeschooling, and family life by providing practical strategies for prioritizing your time and energy. Features of the eBook:

  1. The importance of setting priorities and how to identify your most important tasks
  2. Strategies for organizing your schedule to make the most of your time
  3. How to say “no” to distractions and prioritize your work and homeschooling responsibilities
  4. Tips for creating a work-life balance that works for you and your family
  5. Real-life stories and insights from other working homeschool moms who have successfully prioritized their time and achieved their goals

A Bit About Me...

Hi there! My name is Charlotte and I’m a working homeschool mom. I started My Little Homeschool in 2017 to document homeschooling my neurodiverse twins.

I’ve pivoted the blog more towards serving moms like me. As a working homeschool mom, I know that it can be tough and also incredibly rewarding. I’m a cheerleader for anyone who wants to home educate and work.

In order to support working homeschool moms, I have a podcast and blog, as well as offering short digital courses and group coaching and individual coaching.

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