CTCMath’s Curriculum for Math Helps Kids with Math Mastery

Math mastery is incredibly important for success in the subject. We’ve used CTCMath’s Curriculum for Math for many years. There are so many things we love about the programme. And their concentration on math mastery has got to be one of my favourites! It means effective learning for kids and time saved for working homeschool moms!

CTCMath's curriculum for math is the perfect programme to help your child achieve math mastery and have math success later on.
Help Your Kids Have a Positive Math Experience with CTCMath

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‘Bad at Math’

Many parents and kids I have spoken to, have a similar math story to mine. Let me know if this sounds familiar? You liked learning as a kid and math was pretty easy and enjoyable. Then you got into a class where the teacher was on a runaway math train.

You encountered something you didn’t understand and they impatiently tried to explain it to you. They had math stations they needed to be and you were holding up the line. So you developed lots of gaps in your knowledge. And eventually there were so many that math became painful and felt impossible to do.

You had a math tutor to help you, but it was too late. You were officially bad at math. This is the perfect place to show the importance of math mastery. Because it’s one of the ways to prevent something like this from happening in the first place.

So What Exactly is Math Mastery?

According to the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics in the UK, mastery is the way that schools should teach math. It’s a method that makes sure that ALL kids in the class can grasp concepts before moving on.

CTCMath's curriculum for math is the perfect programme to help your child achieve math mastery and have math success later on.
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The foundations of math are strong and solid so that children can approach math in a positive way. And it’s a way to stop children from feeling like they’re bad at math. They believe that hard work and practice are what helps them to succeed rather than talent.

Significant time is spent developing deep knowledge of the key ideas that are needed to underpin future learning. The structure and connections within the mathematics are emphasised, so that pupils develop deep learning that can be sustained.


Homeschooling is the perfect place to use this method of teaching math. And CTCMath’s curriculum for math ensures that your homeschooled kids have the same positive experiences.

Math Mastery in Your Homeschool with CTCMath

Your kids can achieve math mastery really easily in your homeschool, Some of the fundamental issues that schools face that prevent success in math, are not even present in homeschooling. And CTCMath is the perfect curriculum for your homeschool, I believe.

  • You can give your children one-on-one attention to ensure that they understand math concepts. The video lessons on CTCMath, which Pat Murray delivers, are helping me to understand concepts. Now I can explain them to my kids when they need help.
  • It’s possible for them to learn at a pace that works for them. This is incredibly important for my kids. And it’s one of the main reasons we homeschool! They can take as long as they need to for each lesson. And they can watch the videos again and again.
  • Knowledge gaps can quickly be spotted and worked on. The mastery column in my kids’ reports shows what needs extra work.
CTCMath's curriculum for math is the perfect programme to help your child achieve math mastery and have math success later on.
CTCMath Reports Help to Quickly Identify Areas that Need Extra Work

CTCMath’s Curriculum for Math Encourages Mastery

As a bad-at-math parent, I’ve always wanted to be sure that my kids had better relationships with the subject. And we’ve all had wonderful experiences with CTCMath and their math program. But how do they include mastery in how they teach?

Questions Are Adaptive

The questions adapt, so they become more or less difficult, depending on how your child is doing. This means that they will be challenged, but at a level that does not make them feel overwhelmed.

My kids, who tend towards reluctance at the best of times, need all the encouragement that they can get! And if a lesson gets a bit too much, we break up the questions over a few days.

Mastery is Celebrated

There are four levels of mastery (elementary, sound, basic excellent) with corresponding stars. My kids are always happy when they see those stars stacking up.

They get a celebratory screen with streamers and fireworks if they get 100%. It’s a simple but very effective tactic for encouraging them!

Kiddos Aren’t Punished for Mistakes

Even when your kid answers a question incorrectly, they retain the mastery they’ve achieved. I like the fact that CTCMath isn’t punitive. It’s all about encouragement and support.

They can always go back and try again, which is where mastery lies. The programme encourages them to try again and to practice. It’s very much a growth mindset approach the math. And this is something that I’m working hard to teach my children!

Any Questions about CTCMath’s Curriculum for Math and Math Mastery?

If you need more information about CTCMath, please read my other posts. I’m a huge fan of the programme and think you’ll love it as much as we do! You can read more about CTCMath and mastery on their site. Or feel free to reach out if you have anything specific about math mastery you would like to know.

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