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This is a boy who LOVES CTCMath!

Building a Solid Math Foundation with CTCMath's Core Math Curriculum is a Piece of Cake

Building a solid math foundation can save so much heartache and stress later on. We’re on the third year of using CTCMath’s core math curriculum, and I can safely say that my kids are really positive about math. And their math foundations are rock solid, thanks to CTCMath.

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Our Search for a Core Math Curriculum that’s Simple and Engaging

At school, I missed out on some concepts that were vital to building my math fluency and confidence. I suffered for it and it made me hate math too! It’s so important for me that my kids have a much more positive math experience than I had.

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We started with CTCMath in First Grade. We\’d tried a lot of different programs and nothing seemed to be working. Most programs were too busy and had too much gamification. Being special needs, the boys are easily distracted at the best of times, so we needed something simple, short and engaging.

From the get-go, the kids were into CTCMath. The lessons are short and simple and have just the right amount of animation. Teacher Pat explains everything in a simple way, and is super encouraging at the same time. 

We’ve been steadily moving our way through each grade and are now in Third Grade. And the kids are not showing any sign of slowing down! They’re still super positive about math, but most importantly, they’re building that solid math foundation.

Solid Foundations Build a Solid {Math} House

A solid foundation in math is vital. I’m living proof that when some parts are missing, the whole math house comes tumbling down. It sounds pretty dramatic, but I know I would have loved math if I had been given the time to catch up.

We love the short and engaging CTCMath lessons

So how exactly does CTCMath’s core math curriculum build this wonderfully solid foundation?

  • Lessons are organized to build on one another. This is exactly what a good foundation looks like.
  • Each video is short so that kids don’t lose concentration. This is a must for my kids!
  • The concepts are explained in such a simple and visual way. I’m filling in my math gaps too!
  • Pat explains everything in a very simple way, never gets annoyed and is really encouraging. We all love teacher Pat!
  • Kids can watch each lesson’s video as many times as they need until they feel confident with the concepts. My boys like watching each video at least twice.
  • Children learn at their own pace with the on-demand lessons. My kids love this!
  • If kids don’t answer all the questions correctly, there is the possibility for additional questions. I’m a huge fan of mastery!
  • Kids learn tricks and strategies for mastering mental calculation. This really helps to build confidence!
  • There are detailed progress reports so that you can notice any areas that need extra work. Nothing slips through the cracks!
  • Children receive a certificate once they’ve completed a section. The twins are always so proud when they receive their certificates! They’re proof of their solid foundations!

I’m a CTCMath Believer!

I’m such a believer in this program. It really works for us and I’m positive it will work for you too! Please feel free to drop me a comment or to contact me with any questions. I would be more that happy to answer them!

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