Cycle Syncing for Month-round Ease and Joy

As women, we have a lot going on inside. Our bodies have to create and carry life, after all. And this comes at a price! I know that many women are really hard on themselves and want to work at peak productivity But instead of fighting your natural rhythms, why not hack them? Let’s talk Cycle Syncing.

Instead of fighting your natural rhythms, why not hack them? Let's talk Cycle Syncing as a way to welcome more ease and joy into each month...

Your Infradian Rhythm

Before we chat about cycle syncing, let’s discover what an infradian rhythm is. It’s a cycle that lasts longer than 24 hours, unlike the circadian rhythm we’ve all heard so much about. And yes, our menstrual cycle is just such a rhythm.

We spend a lot of energy making sure our circadian rhythms are happy, but we often neglect the longer one. But your infradian rhythm can help a lot with general well-being, productivity and health. And as a working homeschool mom, you need to be sure you’re looking after yourself, right?!

Your brain and ovaries release hormones (if you’re still getting your period) in order to make ovulation happen. As someone who is experiencing perimenopausal symptoms, I feel every drop of hormone through the month. If you know, you know! 😱

But it’s made me so acutely aware of how my cycle affects everything I do. And that’s why I want to share how important it is to take yours into account and make it work for you! So let’s break the cycle down into its phases. I know that not every woman is the same, so these could look different to different people.

  • Menstruation phase: days 1–5
  • Follicular phase: days 6–14
  • Ovulatory phase: days 15–17
  • Luteal phase: days 18–28
Get to Know Your Infradian Rhythm to Optimize Your Body’s Cycles –

Each of these phases can feel very different in terms of energy and mood. And that’s why it’s important to be aware of them. And then to plan your working homeschool mom life accordingly!

What is Cycle Syncing?

Cycle Syncing is a term coined by Functional Nutritionist, HHC, AADP, Alisa Vitti. She created it to help women balance their hormones with food, supplements and self care. And to do things at the right time in order to live life at an optimal level. And change the world!

Her TedTalk is really inspiring! She speaks about many lady problems that can be corrected with correct eating and exercising at the right time. But she also speaks about how this can help to align your life. She says our bodies are a blueprint for how to live. Pretty neat, huh?

Please always check with your doctor before making any major changes to your diet and exercise routine.

Applying Cycle Syncing to Working Homeschool Mom Life

Firstly, you need to track your period. There are loads of really great apps out there, so it just depends on what works for you. I use the Health App on my iPhone.

Now we can look at how to apply the concept of cycle syncing to your daily life. I’ll look at each phase of the menstrual cycle and give you some ideas for what activities to do and to avoid.

Menstruation Phase

Having your period can be crappy. It’s because your hormone levels are low and you’re tired. According to Vitti, and Mary Vance, a holistic nutrition consultant, you should do the following:

  • eat lighter and easier to digest foods
  • avoid alcohol, sugar, processed food, gluten and dairy
  • do soothing exercises like restorative yoga
  • rest and take extra care of yourself.

But this is also a time of reflection, Vitti says. As with the new moon, the start of your cycle is a time to set intentions, make difficult decisions and reflect on the month that’s passed. So you could…

  • do your homeschool lesson planning
  • discuss future plans and dreams with your partner
  • do yoga with your children
  • have easy, slow days rather than going out
  • do readalouds and low-prep activities
  • make meal times really simple and easy
  • do minimal cleaning in your house
  • go to bed early

Follicular Phase 

Once your period is done, you can start getting creative. And you can change up what you eat, how your work out and what you do.

  • eat ground flaxseed and liver-supporting cruciferous veggies
  • do some energy-boosting cardio

Here are some activities you can plan to do during this phase:

  • think about the details of a big career move
  • do arts and crafts alongside your kids
  • have fun with creative writing
  • start something new and exciting you’ve been putting off
  • cook interesting meals – and make extra for the lower-energy phases
  • clean the areas in your house you tend to avoid

Ovulatory Phase

This is the phase where you can eat richer food to support the work your body is doing. And with your hormones at their highest level, it’s also time to party!

  • now’s the phase to eat meat, seafood and healthy fats
  • you can up the intensity of your workouts and cardio

This is the phase where you want to get out of the house:

  • plan your big field trips during this phase
  • have a dinner party or go out with friends
  • get together with other homeschool families
  • find your community on Facebook or take some coaching sessions
  • have difficult or important conversations with your partner or kids
  • tick lots of things off your to-do list
  • deep clean areas in your home
  • go on a interview for your dream job

Luteal Phase

This is the final phase of your cycle. Surprisingly, it’s not all grumpiness and PMS. It’s also a great time to be productive, but in a calm and focused way.

  • feel free to indulge your love of chocolate – but make it dark
  • it’s a perfect time to eat sushi and seafood and to up the complex carbs
  • put the trainers away and to get your yoga pants out again

You’re probably tired from all the activity of the last two phases. So it’s time to slow it down again.

  • start homeschooling later so that you can sleep in
  • watch documentaries with your kids, while cuddling on the couch
  • encourage your kids to work independently
  • finish up any projects for the month
  • decline invitations at work or for homeschool
  • rest and recuperate as much as possible

Final Thoughts on Cycle Syncing

As with anything related to health and well-being, be sure to do your research before you jump into something new. And listen to your gut and your body! I’m talking to you Charlotte Jones!

Nothing is a cure-all. And being happy and healthy takes effort! So if you want to make changes to your lifestyle, remember my 4 steps to successful change.

  1. start small
  2. be consistent
  3. be kind to yourself
  4. get support.
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Instead of fighting your natural rhythms, why not hack them? Let's talk Cycle Syncing as a way to welcome more ease and joy into each month...

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