Useful Homeschool Mom Skills to Add to Your Resume

If you’re a working mom who homeschools, or a homeschool mom who works, I think it’s super important to add these homeschool mom skills you’ve learnt, to your resume. As someone who worked in recruitment for years, I can guarantee you that these skills are sought after!

Homeschool mom skills to add to your resume - two women sitting at a table

Why Should I Add Homeschool Mom Skills to My Resume?

If you homeschool your kids through most or all of their schooling, then it could be a job that you do for more than a decade! It’s important to record this on your resume!

But even if you only homeschool for a few years, it’s bound to be a job that you’re passionate about. And that can be really challenging at the same time! There are so many skills that you can learn from this kind of job!

At the same time, homeschooling is finite. Eventually you’ll have taught all your kids and the title of homeschool mom, will not longer fit. Then it could be time to find a job, so you’ll want to add in the years you spent homeschooling your kids.

Recruitment was one of my responsibilities in my previous career. I also help a lot of my ESL students to prepare for job interviews now. I know that apart from technical skills, soft skills can really help you to get a job. Being a homeschool mom will teach you many important soft skills. So it’s important to highlight them!

Homeschool Moms Make Great Teachers

I think the most obvious skill you learn as a homeschool mom, is teaching. And if you don’t have a formal qualification, you are learning on the job.

I found a lot of great candidates who had more practical experience than diplomas or degrees. You can’t underestimate the importance of actually doing something rather than just learning the theory.

You might not be able to teach at a public institution. But you could teach at a co-op or online. And I would highlight the following things you’ve learnt…

  • Lessons planning. Even if you’re pretty relaxed in your homeschool, you still have to plan some lessons along the way. You’ll definitely also have an idea of what you want your outcomes to be.
  • Tailor-made learning. Experienced homeschool moms that I’ve spoken to, almost all talk about meeting their kids where they are in learning. It’s one of the major benefits of homeschooling. Translate this into teaching others, and you’re going to be a very popular and effective teacher!
  • Teaching different levels or ages at the same time. Many homeschooling families have more than one child they’re homeschooling at the same time. This is a skill that’s really valuable as a teacher! If you can engage and interest different levels, then be sure to state it loud and clear!

Get Your Critical Thinking Hat On

Having critical thinking skills, is a must for any job. Employers want to know that their new hire will be able to roll with the punches. And take on anything that’s thrown at them. If the last few years of uncertainty and change can teach us anything, it’s that these skills have become and are going to become even more important!

As a homeschool mom, I can guarantee that you’re honing your critical thinking skills! Here are some ways that you might have sharpened them:

  • Your child is resistant to learning. So you have to find ways to engage and interest them through trial and error.
  • You have to manage a home, learning and a myriad of other tasks every day. It means that you have to figure out how to fit everything into your day. And to be flexible when unexpected things crop up.
  • There is no qualification to be a homeschooling mom. You need to find your own path with patience and determination. And work through any of the hitches you encounter.
  • Being willing to learn new things also helps with critical thinking. You’ve got to be ok with doing research about so many things! And to learn alongside your kids!

I think that every day as a homeschool mom is critical thinking practice. You can confidently add this soft skill to your resume!

INTERVIEW TIP Always give examples to ‘prove’ these skills. As a recruiter, I wanted to know what critical thinking meant in practical terms in the candidate’s work life. I wanted them to give me real examples. And I wasn’t convinced with generic answers. Don’t be shy to share some difficult obstacles and how you’ve overcome them.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Another sought-after skill is teamwork. Very rarely do we work in a vacuum. Nine times out of ten, you’re going to have colleagues that you’re going to have to get along with.

Being a homeschool mom may feel pretty lonely. But I promise you that you’re also learning teamwork skills. And it could be with some difficult people! 😁 Here are some ways that you’re improving your teamwork skills:

  • A successful homeschool is one where everyone is involved. When you include your kids in their learning, you make homeschool a team effort. A good team player lets everyone be part of decisions and praise.
  • You have to learn to communicate effectively in your homeschool. This is a big part of working well with others. You need to listen actively and choose your words wisely.
  • I believe moms of more than one kid, quickly learn conflict management! There’s often conflict in a work dynamic. So being able to deal with this, is another really valuable skill! And at work, you’re going to be dealing (hopefully) with pretty rational human being. Unlike having to deal with toddlers, tweens or teenagers. 😋

You Organize and Prioritize Like a Boss!

As a homeschool mom, you know how to prioritize and organize. Otherwise your whole life would be chaos! You combine everything in your life into one space, so there’s no escaping it. So you quickly learn to get everything sorted out!

Employers want to know that you can identify what’s important, that you can plan and execute tasks effectively, and that you can work under pressure. As a homeschool mom, you’ve got this down!

  • You know how to complete many different types of tasks in one day. You can clean, cook, socialize, teach, learn, manage and wrangle, all within a single day.
  • Flowing with the different seasons of homeschool learning, is another skill you have. You know when your kids are the most receptive and when to back off.
  • You can cook 3 meals and make a million snacks during the course of a day. This involves a lot of organization! Not to mention all the budgeting that has to go into feeding baby birds (which is what homeschoolers all seem to become).
  • If you live in a state with a lot of homeschool regulations, then you’re a master of organization! And you quickly learn how to balance what your kids need with the needs of the state.

My Final Thoughts on Homeschool Mom Skills

When you sit in that interview, I want you to keep these things in mind…

  1. You are enough and your homeschool mom skills are valuable and transferable.
  2. The company you are applying for will be lucky to have you! You have a lot to offer them!
  3. The interview goes both ways. Ask questions so that you can be sure the company is what you’re looking for!
  4. Be confident, no matter what you resume says. You can learn anything that needs to be learnt! And you already have the soft skills to be a great catch!
  5. Ask for the working conditions you want. The pandemic has made employers so much more flexible!
  6. And lastly, remember that you are worthy of the job. Never let anyone make you doubt your abilities, work ethic and skills!

If you ever need some support in finding a new job, be sure to reach out! I have a lot of experience in this and I know that homeschool moms are amazing!

Charlotte Jones - Working Homeschool Mom Coach

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Homeschool mom skills to add to your resume - two women sitting at a table

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