D Math ASL 1 is the Perfect Way to Learn American Sign Language

Learning ASL with Mr. D Math ASL 1 is awesome! My boys have been taking the course for a few months now and have really gotten so much out of it. And it’s also great for me as a busy working homeschool mom!

It’s a wonderful course for us because the kids can learn independently and at their own pace, the lessons are short and manageable, and it has a lot of great features that make it engaging and interesting.

Oscar has learnt to sign 'hi' in ASL

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Kids Can Learn Independently with a Self-paced Course

We’ve taken other Mr. D Math courses and they’ve all be great! All the courses we’ve taken have been self-paced and this is such a plus for me in my busy day. Not only can they take the classes any time or anywhere, but there’s an added bonus too!

When kids take self-paced classes like Mr. D Math ASL 1, they learn to study independently. And trust me when I tell you that this is first prize for moms who homeschool and work! It gives you that little bit of extra bandwidth to do the other million tasks you have to do!

Great communication begins with connection.


My Neurodiverse Kids are Loving Mr. D Math ASL 1

There are so many benefits to learning a second language and ASL counts as one. I’m all for learning French, German or Spanish, but there’s really something special about learning ASL.

As the mother of neurodiverse kids, I love how learning ASL encourages acceptance, communication and community. And for them it’s also easier to grasp than a language that is foreign to them.

My boys can sometimes get upset when they hear unfamiliar words, but it’s not the case with ASL. And they have so much fun because it’s more kinesthetic, which aligns to their learning style.

Dominic signing 'A' in ASL

Why Mr. D Math ASL 1 is Awesome!

There are so many things that the kids are enjoying about the course. And I think it’s really the perfect way to learn. These are the features that we love…

    • As I mentioned above, it’s self-paced so that kids can learn at their own pace.

    • The lessons are short and manageable, so the kids can concentrate and progress at a steady pace.

    • Apart from learning ASL, the kids are learning about deaf culture. It really is such an enriching course for them!

    • There is a mixture of resources such as videos, PDFs and links to interesting articles. It keeps the kids engaged and interested.

    • There is the possibility to interact with other students through the platform. It’s a great way to build a community!

    • The course encourages kids to practise ASL with real-world challenges and tasks.

    • Kids can submit videos to be entered into competitions, which is such a motivation!

    • Teacher Thia explains everything so clearly and in such a positive manner. My kids love watching her!

    • She also offer a monthly help session, for those who need some extra assistance.

If you’re looking to add an extra language into your homeschool, then I can highly recommend Mr. D Math ASL 1. I’m sure your kids will enjoy it as much as mine do!

Did you know that Dennis DiNoia, aka Mr. D, has a podcast? He interviews lots of homeschoolers and parents on how to encourage children to be self-directed learners. Be sure to check out A+ Parents Podcast.\"Charlotte

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