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As a working homeschool mom of neurodivergent kids, I have two main needs when choosing resources and curricula. Firstly, is it easy for me to use? Secondly, is it engaging for my kids? The online homeschooling that Elephango offers, is a resounding yes to both these questions!

This post is sponsored by Elephango. I received a free Elephango Membership and am being compensated for my time. I am not required to give a positive review. As always, I am sharing my honest opinion with you. Please read my full blog disclosure.

Why Consider Online Homeschooling

Before we get into the cool features of Elephango, let’s chat about why online homeschooling is a great idea for working homeschool moms. 

  • It saves you so much time because all the prep and planning has been done for you. 
  • Online homeschooling programmes have been created and tested by experts so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the materials.
  • You will also save money because you often don’t need any extra materials or books. 
  • And very often you get a free trial to make sure the programme works for you. 
Elephango has all these great features and more. So let me get into what I love about the programme as a working homeschool mom. 

How Elephango Benefits Me as a Busy Working Homeschool Mom

I’m a huge fan of online homeschooling. As I said, it makes my life so much easier and saves me loads and loads of energy, time and money. Elephango definitely has so many features that make my life easier.

  • It’s so easy to get started. After adding a student (which took about a minute), we went directly to the Jumpstart tab at the top of the page, put in the boys’ approximate grade level and started selecting lessons that looked interesting. I had to do no prep and the boys had such a fun lesson to do, right away. 
  • All the guesswork is taken out of planning what to do next with Badges. Badges are groups of lessons that are put together in a theme. I let the boys choose to encourage delight-directed learning
  • Everything is tracked and monitored so I can see what the boys have done. It’s great for seeing any gaps, discovering their interests and creating a portfolio, if needed. 
  • There is a nifty menu at the bottom of the page. It helps you to navigate the site and find lessons based on so many different parameters. I really like content type, personality style and learning style. It’s helped so much to find lessons that the boys will enjoy. Keep on reading to see how you discover these things. 
  • Elephango has a Chrome Extension which allows kids to browse the internet safely. It’s super cool and is full of interesting facts and useful links. 
I especially love that independent learning is encouraged. Independent learning is something you want to develop as early as possible as a working homeschool mom because you’ll save so much time and energy!
online homeschooling with elephango
Elephango Helps All Students Succeed

How Online Homeschooling with Elephango Benefits my Kids

My kids can be tough customers when it comes to homeschooling. Something has to catch their attention immediately, otherwise they refuse. And there’s no changing their minds. 😀

Elephango was a hit from the moment we opened up the programme. And I’m one happy mom because it has so many benefits for them.

  • As I said, it really encourages independent learning. The boys are loving selecting lessons and topics that are interesting to them. They can deep dive into things as well as jumping around. They love learning like this.
  • The lessons are so varied in content and so engaging. There are videos, quizzes, actions to perform, readalouds and so much more. They keep my kids, who can struggle to concentrate, interested and laughing. 
  • My boys loved discovering what our learning and personality styles are. We all did the quizzes and it was so fun to really think about these things. You can take the quiz when clicking the Discover my Style tab. Once again, the kids were able to take ownership of their learning. 
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Please drop me an email or comment if you’d like more information about Elephango and their online homeschooling programme. I’d be happy to give you any more information, should you need it. 

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