How to Overcome Mindset Blocks to Be a Happy and Thriving Working Homeschool Mom

If you’re a mom who wants to work and also homeschool, you probably want to know the practical steps for starting out. I get you! I felt the same when we started back in 2017. But I would like to tell you about something even more useful and empowering at the start of your journey. It’s even more important, in my experience, to overcome mindset blocks.

What Are Mindset Blocks?

Mindset blocks can be those niggling (or sometimes very loud) thoughts that tell you you can’t do something. They can also manifest as negative self talk or limiting beliefs. So for a working homeschool mom, this might look like:

  • Not believing you can work and homeschool
  • Feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day
  • Listening to naysayers when they tell you it’s impossible
  • Not trusting yourself and your instincts
  • Becoming overwhelmed with any challenges you encounter

Science tells us it’s very normal for us to resist change. And people who suffer from depression or other mental health issues might find it even more difficult to shift. So when you throw all these things into the mix, starting something new, like becoming a working homeschool mom or overcoming mindset blocks, can be incredibly difficult! We’re hardwired to try and stay the same!

But luckily we’re not just beings who operate on autopilot. We can consciously make decisions to improve our lives and to get what we want. Yay! But how exactly can you make lasting change and craft a life that lights you up?

Become Aware of Mindset Blocks with Mindfulness

The first step you need to take to overcome mindset blocks, is to become aware of them. Without awareness, you’re not going to get very far. You need to know your enemy, right? And awareness comes from quietening your mind and listening to what it’s saying. There are two ways to do this that I recommend:

  • You can do some journaling to see what’s in your heart and mind. Both stream of consciousness writing or writing about a specific situation that is making you feel overwhelmed, work well.
  • You can also do some meditation to increase your awareness. It’s a great way to cut out the noise, to check in with yourself, and to see what’s in your heart and mind.

Once you have a good idea of what’s keeping you back from doing what you want, now you can tackle these mindset blocks.

Overcome Mindset Blocks and Thrive

Now that you know what the pebbles (or boulders) in your shoe are, it’s time to take them out and run! This is a weird analogy but I like it! 😁 It sounds easy, I know. But this is actually where the hard work starts. Because as I said above, change is hard for us humans. But it’s not impossible!

True and lasting change can happen but it takes some effort. Luckily it does become easier with practice and as you create new neutral pathways. Here are some practical ways to overcome mindset blocks as a working homeschool mom.

Find a Community

Surrounding yourself with people who get where you’re at, is so powerful! It also helps you to feel like you’re not alone and that what you’re trying to do, is possible. Many moms are up against people who tell them they can’t. So come and join the Working Homeschool Moms Support Group on Facebook, as a start. We’re all in the same boat and we know what it takes!

Identify Your Triggers

There might be certain people or situations in your life that make you feel like you can’t. Once you’re aware that these things trigger you, you can be ready and armed to tackle them. This could mean:

  • avoiding certain people and situations entirely,
  • or prepping yourself beforehand so that you can come from a position of power and meet them head-on.

Practise, Practise, Practise

You need to practise having a growth mindset. It’s going to be hard at beginning, especially if your default is a fixed mindset. But with awareness and practice, you’ll succeed. I promise! Some things to help you are to:

  • think about an obstacle when you’re in a calm frame of mind,
  • remember other times you overcame something hard,
  • and consider what you can learn from the problem and what it’s telling you.

Be Kind to Yourself

I know that I’ve said this a million times. But I think it’s so very important! If you’re beating yourself up about every ‘wrong’ thing you do, you’re going to have zero confidence left. I know a lot of this type of behaviour can come from childhood. And comparing yourself to what you see on social media, doesn’t help either!

Perfectionism is actually dangerous for your health! It can lead to a myriad of physical and mental issues. But once again, with awareness, patience and practice, you can learn self love and self acceptance. If you realize that you’re just human and that you’re also unique, you can create a working homeschool mom life that you love…one that’s impeccably right for you!

Find a Coach

A coach can really help you to overcome mindset blocks. As a coach, it’s my mission to show you what might be hidden and to give you tools to make change. Most importantly, I’m there as someone to keep you accountable.

So if you’re really serious about being a working homeschool mom, but feel like there’s so much holding you back, then please reach out. I would love to empower you to be a happy and thriving working homeschool mom!

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