Am I qualified to homeschool my child? The short answer is ‘yes’!

Are you thinking about starting homeschooling? If you’re anything like I was, then you probably have a million questions, doubts, fears and worries whirling around your head. One of the biggest questions I asked myself was: ‘Am I qualified to homeschool my child?’ With this post I want to set your mind at ease. And to also give you a few hints and tips for getting through the start of homeschooling.

So the bottom line is that you ARE qualified to homeschool your child. You don’t need to be a qualified teacher or to have a master’s degree. What you do need is a lot of passion, curiosity, motivation and patience.

You need a passion for homeschooling

Homeschooling can be quite difficult to adjust to. It took us almost a year and a half of deschooling to get the kids ready for learning. And it took me a while to sort out my life as a homeschooling and WAHM. During the adjustment period you’re going to need to keep your conviction and passion for what you’re doing. Because there might be times when you feel like you’re doing it wrong. Or that you can’t cope. You might also encounter resistance from family members or people in general. Spend some time writing down your reasons and read them when you’re flagging.

You need to be curious about homeschooling

If you’re not officially qualified, then make sure to unofficially qualify yourself. There are so many great websites and blogs out there, filled to the brim with great advice and information. You might also consider getting a boxed curriculum to start out. This will help you with structure until you feel more confident to strike out on your own.

One bit of advice that I can give, is to be flexible. If something doesn’t work, then change it. Do research and find an alternative. That’s why homeschool is so awesome! You have the space to find out what works for you. And once you find your groove, you’ll see how your kids thrive!

You need lots of motivation

Homeschooling can be exhausting! It’s really full-on and intense. You are going to need to keep your mojo through sickness and in health. My advice is to prioritize self-care. And to take a break when you need one. There’s no point pushing when nobody’s in the mood. But rest assured, that there is going to be so much more learning happening than if your kids were going to school. Take advantage of your energetic periods. And always remember why you have chosen to homeschool.

You need buckets and buckets of patience

I think patience is the most important element of a successful homeschool. You will spend a lot of time with your kids. And on some days, it might feel like there is no end. This is where patience (and self-care) come in handy. But patience is also necessary for finding your rhythm. And for discovering what works for you and the kids in terms of learning. And you need to be patient with yourself and kind to yourself. Homeschooling isn’t a race. It’s a long, interesting, fun and sometimes challenging journey.

Am I qualified to homeschool my child? Yes, you are!

I hope that this post made you feel more confident about homeschooling. It may seem daunting and overwhelming at the beginning. But trust me that it is so worth it! Your kids are going to receive so much personal attention. And you’re going to be able to spend time with them. And this is such a wonderful gift!

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