The Homeschooling Product from Education Perfect Encourages Interest-Led Learning

If you go the homeschool page of Education Perfect, you can see right away why this is a great platform. They say that you can use it to Unschool your learner with an interest led approach. If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of allowing kids to learn what interests them. Because an engaged learner is going to make being a working homeschool mom much easier!

Two boys smiling at a laptop screen, child touching the screen of a computer - Education Perfect fosters interest-led learning as kids get to choose from over 40,000 lessons!
Foster interest-led learning by allowing your kids to choose what they want on Education Perfect

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What’s so Great about Interest-Led Learning?

As a working homeschool mom, you want to be jumping on the interest-led learning train as quickly as you can! It has so many benefits for us mamas who need to maximize our time!

  1. Kids are more engaged and therefore less reluctant when you allow interest-led learning.
  2. Your children will learn to take ownership of their learning.
  3. When they take ownership of their learning, they become more independent. This means more time for you!
  4. Lastly, if they complain about homeschool, you can remind them that they chose! 😁
Child touching the screen of a computer - Education Perfect fosters interest-led learning as kids get to choose from over 40,000 lessons!
There are over 40,000 engaging lessons to choose from on Education Perfect!

Education Perfect Is Interest-Led Learning at Its Best

Education Perfect has really perfected interest-led learning. And this is really important for me because my children are neurodivergent. They easily default to reluctance, so I need to constantly and fully engage them! Here is why we love the platform for interest-led learning:

  • There are over 40,000 lessons to choose from! My boys are really into learning languages at the moment and they can choose from 10! Languages are taught with a combination of activities and also concentrate on communication. As a language teacher, I appreciate this method!
  • My boys are able to get instant feedback when answering questions. This really helps so much with encouraging independent learning. And it frees me up to do what I need to do. You know that I’m a huge fan of simplifying your working homeschool mom life, and this is a great way to do so!
  • Education Perfect also offers homeschool competitions. How cool is that? We haven’t participated yet but I know how this encourages my children. They get to study something they enjoy and win prizes? This is the pinnacle of interest-led learning, if you ask me!
  • Once a Smart Lesson has been completed, kids are able to access Dash. It’s a game where you have to answer 10 random questions from the lesson as quickly as possible. My boys always find these kinds of timed games really fun! It’s such an exciting way to revise and reinforce! And if your kids like to compete with others, they’ll love that their results go on a worldwide leaderboard!
Smiling girl wearing a white t-shirt, wearing glasses and holding her phone - Education Perfect fosters interest-led learning as kids get to choose from over 40,000 lessons!
Education Perfect offers a 30-day free trial!

Some Other Cool Features of Education Perfect

Apart from the interest-led learning part of Education Perfect, there are other really great features that we enjoy.

  • I can easily get overwhelmed by platforms that have a lot of content and features. Tim and Andrew offer a 15-minute demo to help you get the most of the platform. I love this because sometimes I feel like there are things I’m totally not taking advantage of.
  • There are loads of help articles and videos, which help you to navigate the platform. I was looking for ways to assign tasks, and I was shown step-by-step.
  • They also have live info sessions for homeschoolers every Tuesday. And they have a Facebook group where you can interact with other homeschoolers and get info about the platform.
  • The Insights tab gives you lots of useful data and reporting, which you can easily export and print out. This is always so useful when you need to hand in reports for your state or province.

I’ve just touched on some of the reasons why we love Education Perfect. It’s such a rich and full curriculum that it’s worth it to check it out. Because if you’re looking for a way to include more interest-led learning into your homeschool, then you’ll love the platform and all it offers!

Charlotte Jones - Working Homeschool Mom Coach

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