Encourage Homeschooled Kids to Thrive with Delight Directed Learning

Delight directed learning is, as its name implies, wonderful, delightful and engaging. By allowing your kids to choose what they want to learn, you are letting delight and wonder into their lives. Now doesn’t that sound like something special? Who wouldn’t want to learn like that?

What is Delight Directed Learning?

Delight directed learning means that you let your kids take control of what they want to learn. Now this might sound counterintuitive. As someone who is the product of a ‘regular’ educational system, I understand. It’s hard to hand over the reins. But trust me when I tell you, kids thrive when they’re in the driver’s seat!

My kids are special needs and it definitely was no picnic at the beginning of their schooling. School was a nightmare for them, and me, for that matter. We knew that it wasn’t going to be sustainable to carry on along this path, so we decided to homeschool.

The first few years were tough because we all had to adjust to this new normal. I struggled as much as the kids did because I wanted to control everything. But this control did nothing for them or for me. We were all miserable. We knew we wanted to homeschool but we were unsure if we could make it work.

Once I decided to deschool them (and myself) for enough time, we found our groove. And a large part of this groove was finding out what worked for them and what they enjoyed and engaged with. Delight directed learning had taken hold!

How Can I Encourage Delightful Learning?

As I said before, it can be hard to give your kids control. But once you realize that your kids want to learn and that they are able to enjoy learning, then hold on the for the ride of your life! Watching your kids really engage with something is really special!

Here are some steps you can take to encourage your kids to take ownership of their learning:

  • Give them the opportunity to try as many different things as possible. And don’t shame them for changing their minds.
  • Accept that they might not be who you want them to be. Rather let them choose their own, unique path.
  • Allow them to make mistakes and to practise. Very few people are naturals and most need to hone their craft.
  • Once they latch onto something, run with it. Give them the tools and time they need to get really good at it.

Do you use delight directed learning in your homeschool? Or is it something that you might try? Drop me a comment below and let me know!

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