How to Homeschool While Travelling

There’s been a huge rise in the number of parents homeschooling their kids recently. Part of this boost is likely because the pandemic saw people staying at home so much more.

Out of necessity, many people started to homeschool and saw that it’s a genuine option.

The rise in technology has also partially boosted the appetite for educating kids at home. It’s now possible to access all kinds of educational materials to make home learning easier.

There’s no doubt as to homeschooling’s popularity. But another reason some people homeschool is because of the flexibility it offers.

Being able to choose where, when, and what your kids learn makes family life flexible. You can focus on creating your own learning experience for your kids without the constraints of the school day or building.

After all, just because it’s called homeschooling doesn’t mean it has to be done at home.

A growing number of parents are choosing to travel and educate their kids at the same time. This is such an exciting prospect. Travel is so enriching and brings many benefits to both adults and kids.

While travelling and educating may be a little unconventional, it can be such an exciting lifestyle. However, attempting to make it happen can seem really quite daunting.

So, how can you combine homeschooling with travel? How can you do it successfully?

Here are some tips to help you make it work for your family:

homeschool while travelling

Start With Some Research

Without question, the idea of travelling and educating can seem overwhelming. The best way to overcome this is by understanding the logistics it involves.

The practicalities of homeschooling abroad can put many people off of doing it. However, there’s so much advice available to help you get started.

It’s helpful to start by figuring out the areas you’ll travel to. Are you going to one country and making your way across it? Do you plan to make stops in multiple countries? How long will you be away for?

The amount of time you physically spend on planes or in cars will influence your opportunities to homeschool. You can then work out a homeschool timetable around your travel itinerary.

Once you know where you’re planning to visit, you can start researching in more depth. Joining online homeschool groups can provide lots of helpful advice.

Gather Your Resources

With advances in technology and all of us so connected, it’s easy to rely on tech-led learning. But be aware this won’t always be possible.

You may find yourself in areas without internet connectivity. Your technology may fail. You may find yourself in a power outage.

All of these issues can impact access to online learning resources. So, it’s wise not to fully depend on online learning alone.

It’s better to incorporate a range of resources in your child’s learning. Books are an obvious choice. But these can be a pretty heavy resource to carry with you.

If you’re staying in the same place for a while, you may want to use the public library. Printing off worksheets ahead of your trip to take with you is also helpful.

Learning doesn’t need to be all about writing and reading. Watching documentaries and films can be just as educational. So, you might want to ensure you have access to these. Knowing how to get american netflix in uk or other regions can ensure you have access to the best choice of films and documentaries.

It’s a great idea to figure this out before you go. 

Plan Enriching Experiences

One of the best parts of travelling is the enriching experiences it brings. This holds true from an educational perspective, too.

There are so many educational experiences that happen naturally when you’re travelling. There’s the richness of experiencing other cultures.

There’s the chance to sample all the different culinary delights. Then there’s the chance to learn about natural habitats in the region and native wildlife.

Add to that the chance to see incredible architecture, and the learning experience is pretty incredible

homeschool while travelling

Strike a Balance

Finally, it’s really vital to strike a balance. Many people worry that their children will fall behind in their learning if they’re not at school.

But so many studies have found this isn’t the case. One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling when travelling is that you can strike a balance.

Kids are much more likely to enjoy learning when they’re living their learning experience. So, combining enriching learning experiences with written work and online learning can be the ideal formula

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