Time Anxiety & the Working Homeschool Mom

time anxiety

Time is our most valuable asset. And as working homeschool moms, we need to make the most of every second. But did you know that time anxiety can have a major effect on how you see and use the time you have?

Today I’m going to dig deeper into what time anxiety is. Then I’m going to give you some ideas for how to manage it so that you can make the most of the precious time you have. 

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What is Time Anxiety?

According to a post on PsychCentral, time anxiety is when you feel like there’s never enough time and like you are not using your time wisely. Sound familiar? 

In my experience, so many working homeschool moms have negative feelings around time. Time management and getting things done is a huge worry that new and experienced working homeschool moms face. 

So how can anxiety around time show up in your life? A post on Healthline gives some examples of how time anxiety could manifest:

  • Stressing about being late: Very few people like being late. But if tardiness causes you anxiety, then it could be related to time anxiety.
  • Rushing around from place to place: Sometimes we need to rush somewhere. But if you’re constantly rushing, then this could also be a sign of time anxiety too. 
  • Feeling anxious when your to-do list isn’t done: Setting goals and knowing what needs to be done are both great practices. But when your anxiety spikes because of not doing them, time anxiety could be the cause.
  • Only seeing missed opportunities and not what you’ve achieved: I think it’s normal to have regrets about what could have been if we’d done things differently. But if you’re feeling like you haven’t reached any significant life goals, then you could have time anxiety to thank.
  • Analysis Paralysis: When you strive for perfection, it can often lead you to spending too much time on details and not actually getting anything done. 

What are the Causes?

Feeling anxious about time is not recognized as a specific disorder, according to Healthnews. It has been linked to General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), which 1 in 6 adults is affected by. 

Psychology Today says causes of GAD could include any of the following:

  • Family history
  • Experiencing stress for a long period of time 
  • Trauma in childhood
  • Medical causes 
These might sound extreme but the more I move through the world, the more I come across people who have had adversity in their lives in some way or another. And this trauma can manifest in so many different ways! 

Being alive in this world is hard and very few of us are unaffected by the human condition. 

Some Strategies to Cope

Now that I’ve discussed the whys and wherefores of anxiety around time, let’s look how you as a working homeschool mom can cope. I want to give you some ideas for how you can become a master of time and use it as purposefully and effectively and joyfully as possible. 

Choosing Therapy has some great ideas that you can adapt as a working homeschool mom.

Seek Professional Help

If you have the means to get therapy, then it’s the first prize for dealing with GAD. A therapist can give you personalized strategies and coping techniques. 

They will also be able to get to the root of what causes you anxiety. And if medication is needed, they could also prescribe something to help you deal with it. 

Even though we speak about mental health so much more freely now, I know it can be hard to admit you need help. You could find a friend who has had experience with therapy. I also find this YouTube video where mental health professionals debunk common myths, really helpful. 

Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness has so many benefits! And also for a busy working homeschool mom like you. It may seem counterintuitive to take time out of your busy day to just be. But it can help to take a breath, ground yourself and to get back into your body and the present. 

When you’re in the present moment it means you can:

  • concentrate on what you’re doing,
  • see more clearly what needs to be done,
  • manage feelings of anxiety,
  • feel gratitude for your current life,
  • and you can enjoy your life where you are right now. 

You can head over and read the post I wrote about living on autopilot and how to stop. 

Prioritize Self Care

I bet you’re not surprised that I mention prioritizing self care. 😊 Much like mindfulness, self care can help with feeling more relaxed, present and joyful in your life. 

As a working homeschool mom, you need to manage your time so that there is enough time to prioritize yourself. I know it can feel overwhelming to start, but I always recommend starting really, really small. 

What’s one tiny thing you can do today? Five minutes of deep breathing or listening to your favourite song can go a long way to shifting your mood.

time anxiety
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Live Your Values to Manage Time Anxiety

Whenever someone asks me about managing time effectively, I tell them to figure out what’s really important. And then to make sure that they’re doing more of that.

When you feel that:

  • your life has meaning,
  • you’re saying yes to what lights you up, 
  • you’re setting healthy boundaries
  • you’re doing what you want to do,
  • and you’re the captain of your own ship,
then you can feel like you’re managing your time well. And this is a good way to overcome time anxiety. 

Final Thoughts on Dealing with Time Anxiety

As with many issues/problems/anxieties in life, awareness is the first step. Once you know that you need help, you can start digging deeper. And then you can find a solution. 

If your time anxiety makes your day-to-day life difficult to live, then be sure to see the help of a professional. But if you’re looking for some strategies in your working homeschool mom life to feel like you’re using your time as effectively as possible, be sure to reach out! Together we can find a way forward.

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