Tired of Homeschooling – How to Positively Get Your Mojo Back

Have you lost your homeschool mojo? I can tell you that I’ve lost it more than once! It happens! But what do you do when you get tired of homeschooling?

As a working homeschool mom, you may feel the extra pressure of doing it all…and doing it well! We’ve chosen a path that’s not easy and that many people might not support or understand. So what I’m going to say next, might actually frighten you.

Take a break if you’re tired of homeschooling. Do this before you decide to quit. Because it might just take a bit of time and some tweaks, to get back onto track.

Tired mom and daughter jumping - Tired of homeschooling? In this post I will give you some ideas to get your homeschool mojo back positively and easily. Read on to see how...

Learning Never Ends

Taking a break from homeschooling really doesn’t need to set you back. And it will be easier to trust the process if you see homeschooling as a journey and not a destination.

Government education systems make us feel that there is an end in sight to learning. We may look to getting our kids to graduate or go to college. But if I look at myself and my educational path, learning has never stopped.

I’ve learnt so much since university and continue to learn more every day. So the same should go for your kids. And the great thing is that you can be really intentional about it.

So if you’re afraid of taking a break, don’t be! Just provide your kids with learning opportunities and the break will be as valuable as structured book work or academic subjects.

You could set them challenges if they’re older. Or allow them to read and play. They’ll be learning problem solving skills, how to express their creativity and learn what they like and don’t like. So much learning!

Scale Back When You Get Tired of Homeschooling

If you’re not keen on taking a break, then you can scale back. Sometimes when my kids are really resistant, I ask them to do just one thing. It means they’ve accomplished something and we’re still in the homeschool flow.

This is another reason to homeschool year round. If you do, then you have more flexibility and can do less each day. By spreading out the yearly work, it’s much more manageable for your children and for you.

Scaling back on what you’re doing in your homeschool is also an option. You don’t need to go crazy with extra curricular activities, added subjects and loads of field trips.

I know that mom guilt is activated when we feel like our kids are missing out. But I promise you that a few activities when everyone is relaxed and in the mood are much better than loads of activities when everyone is stressed and grumpy.

Resistance Can Make You Tired of Homeschooling

You may be tired of homeschooling because it’s not flowing and your kids are resisting. This can be so frustrating and exhausting!

So you could take this as an opportunity to find out why. You may have chosen a curriculum that doesn’t suit the learning style of your kiddo. Or it may be too challenging or too easy.

It’s also a really good opportunity to get input from your kids. Find out what’s bugging them and create a better way forward together.

An added bonus of involving your child in their education is that it teaches them to take ownership of it. They can decide what their goals are and what they want to achieve in life.

You’re Making it Too Hard!

Another thing that may be dampening your enthusiasm for homeschooling, is that you’re making it too hard on yourself. As working homeschool moms, we need to simplify our lives as much as possible!

We’ve already chosen a difficult path so we don’t need to give ourselves more obstacles to overcome. Figure out what’s taking a lot of time and what’s causing stress, and see if you can reduce it or even get rid of it!

I love to use online homeschool programmes because it means so much less work for me. And I know that the experts created the curriculum so I don’t need to worry about the contents or quality.

We’re living in an incredible time where there is so much on offer for homeschoolers. So there’s no need to reinvent the wheel or do everything yourself. Let someone else do the heavy lifting for you. It’s worth every cent, in my opinion!

Find Your Energy Sweet Spot

As a working homeschool mom, you might be homeschooling when you’re tired. I know that it can be hard to find a time to teach your kids, but finding your energy sweet spot is a must.

As homeschooling is so flexible, you can choose any time you want to homeschool. It could late at might or really early in the morning. It could be at weekends too.

When you’re feeling energetic, you’ll be able to give so much more. And your kids will be able to accomplish so much more too! It could even mean more quality but less quantity in terms of time.

Be sure to also find out when your kids are feeling at their most receptive. Because your energy can very easily be depleted if you’re dealing with tired and grumpy kids!

Be Kind to Yourself

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but I so strongly believe that you need to be kind to yourself. It’s ok if things have not turned out like you expected. Homeschooling is hard. And it’s different for every one!

If you see it as a journey and not a destination, like I said before, it will really take so much pressure off you. Take the breaks you need, prioritize self care and tell anyone who criticizes you to go to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

The fact that you’ve decided to take this path is amazing within itself. You want what’s best for your child. It’s important to you that they are happy and that they succeed. Keeping them close and safe is a priority for you. It’s such a beautiful gift to give yourself and your children.

Tired of Homeschooling? I’m Here for You!

As you know, I’m always here to support you. And reach out in the Facebook group if you’re struggling. You’re not alone. We’re all here to cheer you on. And to tell you that if you'[re tired of homeschooling it’s ok to take that break!

Charlotte Jones - Working Homeschool Mom Coach

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Tired mom and daughter jumping - Tired of homeschooling? In this post I will give you some ideas to get your homeschool mojo back positively and easily. Read on to see how...

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