Three Easy Working Mom Homeschool Schedules to Try Out

There are loads of working mom homeschool schedules out there. And the reason is because each homeschool is unique. And when you throw in work in its different forms, things are going to look different for each of us moms who work and homeschool.

But I very clearly remember what it was like when I started out. I wanted someone to give me an idea of what to do and when to do it. So I hope that these three working mom homeschool schedules will help you to get started. And then I further hope that you’ll tweak them until they suit you exactly.

Some Tips for Using These Schedules

Once thing I would highly recommend is to schedule in blocks of time, with a few priorities for the day. As a work-from-home mom, this is what I do. But I think that it can suit any kind of schedule. It’s the best for flexibility and also reduces stress a lot.

Another thing that works really well for schedules, is to batch your tasks. It really saves a lot of time and it’s better for concentration. If you combine blocking and batching together, you can really maximize the time you have available to you.

I also believe it’s very important to not be married to your schedule. Lean into flexibility and tweak and adjust as often as you need. I’ve done this loads of times, and I will definitely do more in the future! I like to regroup every few months to see if everyone is still happy. It works really well for us!

Finding the times when you are your kids are the most energetic, can also help to make your homeschool successful. This will mean that they’re most receptive and less likely to waste time or become reluctant.

Lastly, setting boundaries around your time, is also a must! As a working homeschool mom, time is your most precious asset, so guard it jealously by setting those boundaries.

The Work-from-Home Mom Homeschool Schedule

I’m most familiar with this schedule as this is how I’ve worked and homeschooled, since the beginning. It has definitely changed over the years, so please keep that in mind if you use the schedule. Before starting with this schedule, I juts want to point out a few things:

    • I work more hours now than before when my children were younger,
    • I can choose my working hours,
    • when I’m working, my kids are able to work and play independently,
    • we homeschool 4 days a week and year round,
    • my husband also works from home and helps out,
    • he does most of the cooking,
    • my kids look after themselves during bath time,
    • we all get up early and go to bed early,
    • I can’t work very late at night or very early because these are my low energy times,
    • if I feel the need, I take time off to relax some more,
    • and I often exercise during my ‘relax’ times.

Here is an example schedule you can print out. When you sign up, you get access to all three schedules.

The Full Time Out of the Home Working Mom Homeschool Schedule

Being a full time working mom, who works outside of the home, and who homeschools sounds almost impossible! But I believe with proper organization, lots of patience and motivation, it is possible! Below are some things that could help to make this easier:

  • dependable and trustworthy childcare when you’re at work will set your mind at ease,
  • fostering independent learning as quickly as possible will take a lot of pressure off,
  • using online homeschool programmes will help by reducing prep time and by keeping track of learning,
  • being relaxed with how your child spends their time (screens, playing etc.) will also help a lot,
  • being creative with your scheduling (early mornings, evenings, weekends) will give you more control over your time,
  • asking for help if you have the possibility can be a lifesaver,
  • meal prepping and getting your groceries delivered saves loads of time,
  • getting good at organization to stop wasting time (you could get my planner to help you), is going to reduce stress a ton,
  • and being kind to yourself and your child is a must for a harmonious life!

This is just one schedule for moms who work a regular 9 to 5. If you works shifts or nights, then obviously you’ll need to adjust when you homeschool As I said above, don’t forget early mornings and weekends if you need to find time.

Here is an example schedule you can print out. When you sign up, you get access to all three schedules.


The Part-time Working Mom Homeschool Schedule

This schedule, once again, depends on what hours you work. So you can shift your homeschooling to be earlier or later. The same elements are going to make this schedule work for you: 

    • flexibility,
    • being organized,
    • open-mindedness,
    • tweaking and changing,
    • finding out when you are your kids have the most energy,
    • and setting those boundaries!

Here is an example schedule you can print out. When you sign up, you get access to all three schedules.

Finals Thoughts on Working Mom Homeschool Schedules

It takes time to get adjusted to being a working homeschool mom. And finding a schedule that works is a big part of that. But it’s really worth it to take this time, to be flexible and to be open-minded about everything. Trust to process, because you WILL succeed if your motivation is strong enough. And remember that you can always reach out of you’re feeling really overwhelmed or stuck.

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