I wrote a post before about some homeschool truth bombs. But to be honest, I have more positive things to say about homeschool. Below are some of the reasons why we love homeschooling our special needs twins. And why we think homeschool is AWESOME!

20 Reasons Why Homeschool is Awesome

  1. It isn’t time-dependent. You can work it around your family schedule to suit everybody.
  2. It’s quiet. Kids can learn in a quieter environment.
  3. It’s cheap. You can create your own lessons and use things around the house to teach your kids.
  4. It’s fun. You can do activities that are fun and engaging for your kids. And you can also take part!
  5. It’s safe. You can protect your kids from various things and know what your kids are doing at all times.
  6. It’s practical. You can teach your kids important life skills such as housework and gardening.
  7. It isn’t rushed. Kids can learn at their own pace.
  8. It’s ongoing. Kids learn all day, every day.
  9. It isn’t afraid of tech. You can make use of technology in a positive and controlled way.
  10. It’s mobile. You can take long road trips or go on holiday. And your kids still learn.
  11. It’s creative. You can include more ambitious creative projects at home.
  12. It’s flexible. You can change methodologies or approaches to suit your kids.
  13. It isn’t bound to a place. You can take your kids on outings where they can learn so much.
  14. It’s calm. If your kids suffer from anxieties or phobias, you can manage their environment.
  15. It’s social. Yes, you heard me. Kids can socialise in more natural situations.
  16. It’s family orientated. You can really strengthen your family bonds with your kids.
  17. It’s child led. You can allow your kids to really delve into things that interest them.
  18. It’s focussed. You can concentrate on the exact things that your kids need extra help with.
  19. It’s a fantastic preparation for the future. Your kids can gain confidence as they excel at things that they love.
  20. Homeschool is the best! All in all, I think homeschool is amazing. And I believe this is the reason why more families are looking to homeschool as an option.

I would love to hear why you think homeschool is great. Please drop me a mail or comment below. And don’t forget to visit my Homeschool FTW series and join in the conversation.

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