5 Easy Ways to Have the Best Homeschool Holiday

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling, is a homeschool holiday. A homeschool holiday can be taken when and where you want. And it can also be a wonderful learning experience. In this post I want to look at some of the ways to get the most out of your getaway. And also to look at some of my favourite travelling homeschooling families.

1.  Have a Homeschool Holiday when it Suits You

Our kids are on the spectrum, and this is one of the main reasons why we homeschool them. Generally they aren’t good with crowds so taking a homeschool holiday during off season, is perfect for us. Everything is quiet, there are no queues and there is less chance of a meltdown. And not to mention the lack of traffic. Bonus!

2. Save Money on your Homeschool Holiday

When you avoid peak seasons, it’s a great way to save money. Accommodation, restaurants and activities are often cheaper. And you will have so much more choice as to where to go. Just be prepared to answer the ‘why aren’t your kids in school’ question.

3. Have a Homeschool Holiday Further Afield

We haven’t been brave enough yet to try a longer road trip or a holiday abroad. But this is something we will definitely try in the future. When you are able to book trips during any time of the year, you are able to get the best ticket prices. Check out the The MOM Trotter. Karen has amazing tips for frugal family holidays abroad and also for homeschooling.

4. Make your Homeschool Holiday a Learning Experience

Our last trip was definitely a learning experience. For us it was less about academics and more about stepping outside of our comfort zones. Dominic has been extremely anxious in the last year and we have been trying to gently challenge him with different situations. And since returning he has definitely been much braver. He keeps asking us about the next holiday! This is where we stayed. It’s very child and dog friendly!

5. Go with the Flow!

I think this is true for all holidays. It’s easy to overplan and to overthink. Things might go wrong. Family members might be grumpy or ill. And you could feel disappointed. But I think the bottom line is that it’s a change of scenery and that you are all together. When you remove the pressure and expectation, that’s when the best things happen! And getting home always feels so good after some time away.

What are your Homeschool Holiday Tips?

Do you have any tips for having a great homeschool holiday? I would love to hear them. You can drop me a mail or comment below.

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